How to update your OpenAPS rig in the future

You’ve probably heard about all kinds of cool new features that you want to try. If they’re part of the master branch already, you just need to go enable them (usually by re-running the oref0-setup script).

However, if it’s a brand-new feature that’s being tested or is recently added to master, you’ll need to install the new version of oref0 first. By the way, if you want to check which version of oref0 you are currently running, npm list -g oref0 and if you want to check which branch cd ~/src/oref0 and then git branch.

Step 1: Install the new version

Step 2: Re-run oref0-setup

Now that you’ve updated your oref0 version, you will want to run the oref0-setup script (cd && ~/src/oref0/bin/ again. See this section for a guide of what the setup script will be prompting you to enter.

Step 3: Remember to set your preferences!

Reminder! You’ll need to re-set your preferences in preferences.json. See the preferences page to see what preferences might have changed or become available since your last update.

To edit any of your preferences, you can enter edit-pref (as a shortcut) or cd ~/myopenaps && nano preferences.json