Hardware overview

This section describes the hardware components required for a ‘typical’ OpenAPS implementation. There are numerous variations and substitutions that can be made but the following items are recommended for getting started.

The basic setup requires:

  • a compatible insulin pump
  • CGM data
  • a small computer
  • a radio stick
  • battery

If you come across something that doesn’t seem to work, is no longer available, or if you have a notable alternative, feel free to edit this documentation with your suggestions.

To start, here is a high-level guide for understanding if your pump is compatible for OpenAPS. To be compatible, we must be able to send remote temporary basal rate commands to it.

"Can I do OpenAPS with this pump?"

If you’re interested in working on communication for another pump (Omnipod, Animas, etc), click here to join the collaboration group focusing on alternative pump communication.