Phase 2:

We’ve created an script that can help set up a complete working loop configuration from scratch in just a few minutes. This is in pursuit of our community goal to simplify the technical aspects of setting up a DIY closed loop - while still emphasizing that this is a DIY project that you have personal responsibility for. We also want to encourage you to spend more time and energy exploring whether the algorithm you choose to use is doing what you want it to do and that it aligns with how you might manually choose to take action.

Step 0: Make sure you have openaps installed per - if you’re not sure, just run:

curl -s | bash -

Step 1: Pull/clone the latest oref0 dev by running:

mkdir -p ~/src; cd ~/src && git clone -b dev git:// || (cd oref0 && git checkout dev && git pull)

Step 2:

cd && ~/src/oref0/bin/

to run the script interactively, or get usage guidelines for providing inputs as command line arguments.

Note: If you’re using the 915MHz Explorer board, you’ll need to log in as root to run, as the mraa package doesn’t yet support running under an ordinary user account.

Step 3: When you decide to enable the new loop in cron, follow the log file (and watch Nightscout) to make sure that it is working properly:

tail -F /var/log/openaps/pump-loop.log