So you think you’re looping? Now keep up to date!

If you’ve gone “live” with your loop, congratulations! You’ll probably want to keep a very close eye on the system and validate the outputs for a while. (For every person, this amount of time varies).

One important final step, in addition to continuing to keep an eye on your system, is letting us know that you are looping.

This is important in case there are any major changes to the system that we need to notify you about. One example where this was necessary is when we switched from 2015 to 2016: the dates were incorrectly reporting as 2000, resulting in incorrect IOB calculations. As a result, we needed to notify current loopers so they could make the necessary update/upgrade.

After you have looped for three consecutive nights:

So that we can notify you if necessary, please fill out this form if you have been looping for 3+ days. Your information will not be shared in any way. You can indicate your preferred privacy levels in the form. As an alternative, if you do not want to input info, please email Again, this is so you can be notified in the case of a major bug find/fix that needs to be deployed.

Note: you only ever need to fill this form out once. If you’re building multiple rigs, or switching between DIY systems, no need to fill this out multiple times. We’re just counting - and wanting to connect with in terms of safety announcements - humans. :)