Where to go for help with your implementation

There are several ways to communicate with other participants and contributors in the #OpenAPS project. See also the Resources section for additional assistance.

Note: It’s best practice not to share your pump’s serial number, so make sure not to include it in pictures or pasted text output when seeking help on pump communication.

Related: You may want to read this blog post for tips on how to best seek help when troubleshooting online - there is a lot of information you can provide proactively when seeking help that will aid in getting your issue resolved more quickly.


Gitter is a messaging/chat service similar to IRC. It provides integration with GitHub and several other services. It’s the best place to get real-time support with anything related to OpenAPS. (Here’s why we often recommend asking questions on Gitter.)

Issues on openaps GitHub

For reporting issues on the openaps tools formally, the openaps issues page on GitHub is the proper forum. Feel free to try and get through the issues by working with others on the Gitter channel first if you think it may be something unrelated to the codebase.

Other online forums

Those in the #OpenAPS community are frequently found in other forums, such as on Twitter (using the #OpenAPS hashtag, as well as #WeAreNotWaiting) and on Facebook in the “CGM In The Cloud” and “Looped”group.

There is also a Slack channel to discuss communication around other pumps that are being explored for being used for other DIY closed loops.